Beautiful girls in bondage, used as human furniture and home decorations, dehumanized for your viewing pleasure!

See girls find their useful purpose for thewir owners as coffee tables, plant stands, footstools, chairs and much more!

Date: Apr 25
Side table

Date: Apr 21
Testing the floggers

Date: Apr 17
Testing the floggers

Date: Apr 13
Side table

Date: Apr 09
Footstool for her Mistress

Date: Apr 05
Office entertainment

Date: Apr 01
Office entertainment

Date: Mar 28
Footstool for the Mistress

Date: Aug 30
Morning Coffee

Date: Aug 26
Naked girl as footstool

Date: Aug 22
Megan Star clothes hanger

Date: Aug 18
Megan Star

Date: Aug 14
Megan Star as a footstool

Date: Aug 10
Megan Star

Date: Aug 06
Facing the street

Date: Aug 02
Megan Star as a clothes hanger

Date: Jul 29
Shoe Rack

Date: Jul 25
Megan Star as a window decoration

Date: Jul 21
Megan Star

Date: Jul 17
Megan Star


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